All of the video content Stremio provides get sourced through an add-on system - no content or content provider has been built into the app.

There are two groups of add-ons available: official and community add-ons.

The official ones are developed and hosted by Stremio, whereas community add-ons are created by our community members, who also host them.

Official add-ons

Stream your favourite movies, series and shows from providers like iTunes, Hulu, Amazon and other UK/US services.

Watch your favourite YouTube channels ad-free and get notifications for new uploads from the contributors you follow.

Watch live TV, movies and social television for free. 600 TV channels, 45,000 free movies, documentaries and more.

Movie and TV subtitles in multiple languages, thousands of translated subtitles uploaded every day.

Community add-ons

Watch video on demand from

Watch live streams from - a video streaming platform for the e-sports industry.

Watch indie movies absolutely free of charge.

Watch Netflix movies and web series.

Create an add-on

If you wish, you can develop your own add-on. This way, you can give yourself and our community access to new video content, and reach a new, targeted audience of millions of users around the world.

To get started, visit the Stremio Add-on SDK page: