All of the video content Stremio provides get sourced through an add-on system - no content or content provider has been built into the app.

There are two groups of add-ons available: official and community add-ons.

The official ones are developed and hosted by Stremio, whereas community add-ons are created by our community members, who also host them.

Official add-ons

Stream your favourite movies, series and shows from providers like iTunes, Hulu, Amazon and other UK/US services.

Watch your favourite YouTube channels ad-free and get notifications for new uploads from the contributors you follow.

Movie and TV subtitles in multiple languages, thousands of translated subtitles uploaded every day.

Community add-ons

Watch indie movies absolutely free of charge.

Watch Netflix movies and web series.

Create an add-on

If you wish, you can develop your own add-on. This way, you can give yourself and our community access to new video content, and reach a new, targeted audience of millions of users around the world.

To get started, visit the Stremio Add-on SDK page: