Install the Addon SDK

npm install -g stremio-addon-sdk
Get Started

Why Create an Addon?

  • Have fun and monetize your work

    Put your skills and favorite coding language in use to build something cool and win real dollars!

  • Your favorite video entertainment on Stremio

    Plug your favorite video content to the unique Stremio platform!

  • Become famous

    Show your work to more than 9 million Stremio users around the world!

Modular from the ground up

Stremio is written in JavaScript in a completely modular fashion, allowing you to pick and choose the functionality you'd like to use.

For example, you could use Stremio Addons as a library in your own tool.

Check out the source code on GitHub!


What can addons do

Addons can provide Stremio with:

  • a main feed of items (that will be shown in the Board/Discover);
  • search results informations;
  • item details (descriptions, background, logo, seasons / episodes);
  • playable streams;
  • subtitles
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