Install the Addon SDK

npm install -g stremio-addon-sdk
Get Started

Why Create an Addon?

  • Have fun and monetize your work

    Put your skills and favorite coding language in use to build something cool and win real dollars!

  • Your favorite video entertainment on Stremio

    Plug your favorite video content to the unique Stremio platform!

  • Become famous

    Show your work to more than 30 million Stremio users around the world!

Modular from the ground up

Stremio Addon SDK is written in JavaScript in a completely modular fashion, allowing you to pick and choose the functionality you'd like to use.

For example, you could use Stremio Addons as a library in your own tool.

Check out the source code on GitHub!

Monetize Your Addon & Earn Money

Once you develop a new addon for Stremio, you can also choose to make your addon private (with an access key), this method can be used for the purpose of monetizing addons too.

See Example

What can addons do

Addons can provide Stremio with:

  • a main feed of items (that will be shown in the Board/Discover);
  • search results informations;
  • item details (descriptions, background, logo, seasons / episodes);
  • playable streams;
  • subtitles
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