We believe that the best way to create a truly amazing streaming experience is by involving our community in the process. Whether you are a programmer, an artist, or just a fan - you could help Stremio grow.

So join us today and become a part of the Stremio community and keep shaping the future of streaming.

Ways To Get Involved

in the Stremio community

Share your thoughts

Report bugs, suggest features and provide feedback on our social media channels.

Beta testing program

Participate in our beta testing program (we send out invites regularly) in the Stremio community.

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Official Stremio Communities


Unofficial Stremio Communities

Stremio Addons
Awesome Stremio
Stremio Gallery

Are You A Developer?

You could contribute code to our open source projects. We have several projects on GitHub that are looking for contributors. If you're interested in helping out, check them out:

Stremio on GitHub


Create an addon to enhance Stremio's functionality (we have an easy-to-use API):

Stremio Addon SDK

We also provide the opportunity to join us as an intern developer so we can grow together.

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Calling All Artists!

Show off your creativity and love for Stremio by uploading your fan art to our online gallery. Whether it's a drawing, painting, or digital design, we want to see your unique take on the Stremio brand. Join our community of art enthusiasts and share your work with fellow Stremio fans around the world.

Stremio Fanart Gallery


Become part of our team and take your creativity to new heights with our exciting internship opportunities.

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a volunteer translator

If you want to enjoy the Stremio apps in different languages, you can join our community of volunteer translators. They help us add versions of the Stremio in many different languages.

Are you eager to get started?

Translate Stremio

Public Domain Movies Project

At Stremio, we are committed to preserving the history of film and television by identifying public domain and orphaned videos. By working together with our community, we can ensure that these classic works of art are accessible to everyone and protected for future generations to enjoy.


Feel free to contact us if you would like to get involved in that project.

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